4 Star · ARC Review · Hot Sex · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Tortured Hero

Misadventures of a City Girl (Misadventures #1) by Meredith Wild & Chelle Bliss

 4 Stars Madison Atwood is recently divorced and decides to book a retreat to re-center herself and achieve some peace in her now different life. When out enjoying the solitude of the mountain she encounters one very sexy and rugged man who intrigues her instantly… Luke Dawson lives quietly in his mountain home, far removed…… Continue reading Misadventures of a City Girl (Misadventures #1) by Meredith Wild & Chelle Bliss

ARC Review · Contemporary · New Release · Tortured Hero · Workplace

Mr. Big by Delancey Stewart

3.5 Stars When Oliver Cody’s life goes from easy and uncomplicated to him not knowing who he is anymore, he decides to go find himself. But while visiting every far away beach he can, a tragedy strikes at home… and a truth comes out in the aftermath that changes his life forever… Holland O’Dell is…… Continue reading Mr. Big by Delancey Stewart

ARC Review · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Second Chance · Series · Tortured Hero

The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde

3.5 Stars Julia Banner and Austin Wright are exes for a reason, and now that Julia is single again, Austin is ready for his second chance with her. But while the two haven’t resolved their issues which caused their break up and Julia’s past is thrust back into her life, a second chances may just lead…… Continue reading The Wright Mistake by K.A. Linde

5 Star · Contemporary · Hot Sex · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Tortured Hero

All I Need (All In #4) by Callie Harper

5 StarsAnnie Mitchell knew when she was hired to be a caretaker the offer was too good to be true. With the promise of a lot of money doing a job she is uniquely skilled for, she was planning on the amount she would be able to save to help secure herself a better future.…… Continue reading All I Need (All In #4) by Callie Harper

4 Star · Lost Love · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Suspense · Tortured Hero

Elusive by (Shipwreck #1) L.A. Fiore

4 Stars Kace has made his way through life by taking care of himself. From a young age he did what he needed to do to survive. Willow has led a lonely, but happy life. Being cared for physically, but left alone much of the time, she has nonetheless grown into an open and caring…… Continue reading Elusive by (Shipwreck #1) L.A. Fiore

4 Star · Kindle Unlimited · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Royals · Tortured Hero · Young Adult

Privileged by Carrie Aarons

4 Stars When Nora Randolph moves to England with her mother the life they lead is completely changed. Being the daughter of the fiancé to a British Royal prince has its perks, but for someone not used to the spotlight, it’s a lot to adjust to… Asher Frederick plans revenge for his family and Nora…… Continue reading Privileged by Carrie Aarons

4 Star · Contemporary · Kindle Unlimited · New Beginnings · Series · Tortured Hero · Unrequited Love

Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3) by Piper Rayne

4 Stars Charlotte Rose has been infatuated with Garrett Shaw since she a teenager, and just the younger sister of his best friend. Although he has always kept her at arms length, her crush is not going anywhere. Garrett Shaw is a single Dad to a preteen girl. Having spent the years since his young…… Continue reading Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3) by Piper Rayne