4 Star · Contemporary · Lost Love · Sports · Strong Heroine

Backhand (Gold Hockey #2) by Elise Faber

4 Stars Sara Jetty was once a champion figure skater, until the scandal that ripped apart her entire career and in the process everyone she had thought loved and supported her. After successfully rebuilding her life and finding contentment in her art, she is not prepared for a blast from the past to show up… Mike… Continue reading Backhand (Gold Hockey #2) by Elise Faber

5 Star · Dark(ish) · Engrossing · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Strong Heroine

The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

5 Stars Camille Briarlane loves plants and teaching her job teaching high school biology. She is in a relationship with someone who treats her well and while he wants more, she is content with her life as it is. Sebastian Lindstrom meets Camille at a party, while she is on the arm of his employee.… Continue reading The Bad Guy by Celia Aaron

4 Star · Alpha · Hot Sex · Strong Heroine · Suspense · Thrilling

Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

4.5 Stars Anya Best has been working with the FBI to help find the Copper Killer. Watching victim after victim being taken has been hitting close to home… and when the latest victim ends up being her sister, Anya is done with working the case behind the scenes. Heath Jones has been working on finding… Continue reading Lethal Lies (Blood Brothers #2) by Rebecca Zanetti

Bad Boy · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · MC · Series · Strong Heroine

Devil’s Own (The Devil’s Keepers #3) by Megan Crane

3.5 Stars When Ryan “Chaser” Frey is called in to deal with his teenage daughters bad behavior at school, he is surprised that her teacher has no problem standing up to him and arguing about what is right for his daughter. He has met grown men who tremble in his presence, but there is something fearless… Continue reading Devil’s Own (The Devil’s Keepers #3) by Megan Crane

5 Star · Dark · Duet · Love/Hate · New Beginnings · Strong Heroine · Suspense

The Knight (Stolen Duet #2) by B.B. Reid

5 Stars In the conclusion of the Stolen duet, we return to the story of Mian and Angel right where it left off… Things are starting to change in the world of the Knights and the corruption and danger is just starting… Mian is done with being helpless and scared, now she is on a mission… Continue reading The Knight (Stolen Duet #2) by B.B. Reid

5 Star · Contemporary · Hot Sex · New Beginnings · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Sweet

Sex in the Sticks (Love Hurts #1) by Sawyer Bennett

5 Stars Valentine French, NYC dating blogger is in a rut… lately all the men she is dating seem to be carbon copies of one another. After a suggestion from her cousin on where to find men who are anything but metrosexual, she arranges a stay somewhere that is as opposite from the city life… Continue reading Sex in the Sticks (Love Hurts #1) by Sawyer Bennett