4 Star · ARC Review · Lost Love · Second Chance · Slow Burn · Sweet

The Evolution of Us by D. Kelly

 4 Stars When the man Holly Ryan could never get over moves into the apartment across the hall  she tries avoiding him at all costs. But Declan knows her better than anyone, and he’s not above doing anything he can to get her to spend time with him. Declan James made the biggest mistake of…… Continue reading The Evolution of Us by D. Kelly

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Kindle Unlimited · Lost Love · Second Chance · Sexy · Sweet

Strip Me Bare by M. Never

4.5 Stars Alana Remington once thought she had found the love of her life. But one night he disappeared from her life completely without a word. Five years later, while at a Bachelorette party for her cousin, she encounters the blast from her past in all his stripper glory… Ryan Pierce has a lot of…… Continue reading Strip Me Bare by M. Never

5 Star · Alpha · ARC Review · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Rock Star · Second Chance · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Corrupt (Civil Corruption #1) by Jessica Prince

5 Stars Gwen Carson never wanted anything to do with a famous rock band or living life in the limelight. After a recent loss and starting her life over, she attends a party and meets THE Garrett Wilder, which turns out to be the best night of her life… with the worst morning after. Now,…… Continue reading Corrupt (Civil Corruption #1) by Jessica Prince

4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Kindle Unlimited · Movie Star · Second Chance · Series · Sweet

The Real Thing (Sugar Lake #1) by Melissa Foster

 4 Stars Willow Dalton loves her happy and uncomplicated life in the small town she grew up in. But, the one big missing thing that she has always wanted is Zane Walker, her brother’s best friend and one mega successful and living-in-LA movie star… who is in one word… complicated. Zane Walker needs help with his…… Continue reading The Real Thing (Sugar Lake #1) by Melissa Foster

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Lost Love · New Beginnings · Second Chance · Sweet

When We Touch by Tia Louise

4.5 Stars When Jackson Lockwood comes to a crossroads in his career, he decides to return to the one place that he ever really felt was home. He knows things have changed there, and the one person who made it feel like home won’t be there to welcome him with open arms… Emberly Warren is…… Continue reading When We Touch by Tia Louise

5 Star · ARC Review · Engrossing · Kindle Unlimited · Lost Love · Recommended Read · Second Chance · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Muscle Memory by Stylo Fantôme

5 Stars “In Love We Trust” Jon wakes up in the hospital with no memory of his past or who he is. Having to rebuild his life from scratch, he tries to piece together his identity, but the man he once was may have had a destructive and unstable life that Jon has no desire…… Continue reading Muscle Memory by Stylo Fantôme

ARC Review · Contemporary · Second Chance · Series · Sexy · Sweet

Mondays (The Wait #2) by Harper Bentley

3 Stars Since losing her husband, AND the man she met and fell in love with while dealing with the loss of her husband, Bernadette (Birdie) Chapman has slowly rebuilt her life. Working a job she loves, moving to a new apartment and just starting over… she has finally started to be happy again… Beck…… Continue reading Mondays (The Wait #2) by Harper Bentley