5 Star · Alpha · ARC Review · Contemporary · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Police Officer · Series · Sexual Tension · Strong Heroine

Head Over Heels (Something New #5) by Jennifer Dawson

5 Stars Sophie Kincaid’s PR career implodes, due to the actions of her boss at the firm she works for in Chicago. With her name tainted in the PR world, she decides she needs to lay low in small town Revival, Illinois. She is prepared to spend a boring 6 months with little to do… until…… Continue reading Head Over Heels (Something New #5) by Jennifer Dawson

Alpha · ARC Review · Contemporary · Police Officer · Series · Sexy · Sweet

Running Into Love (Fluke My Life #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

3.5 Stars When Fawn Reed collides with a man during a run in the park, she doesn’t expect her little chance run in to be her new (and way too hot) next door neighbor. There is something about him that she makes her want to avoid, avoid, avoid. Levi Fremont can’t believe his luck that…… Continue reading Running Into Love (Fluke My Life #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

4 Star · ARC Review · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Police Officer · Series

Lust (Vegas Nights #2) by Emma Hart

 4 Stars Perrie Fox is used to doing whatever she needs to do for the sake of her young daughter. But when her profession catches up to her one night, in the form of Detective Adrian Potter, her life is about to change. Adrian takes his job very seriously. When he gives a prostitute who is…… Continue reading Lust (Vegas Nights #2) by Emma Hart

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Hot Sex · Police Officer · Series

Disorderly Conduct (Academy #1) by Tessa Bailey

 4.5 Stars Charlie Burns is in the police academy, working harder than any other recruit and preparing himself for living up to his familial legacy. The last thing he needs, or has time for is a relationship. But, when he meets Ever she seems like the perfect woman, and they have the perfect arrangement… until…… Continue reading Disorderly Conduct (Academy #1) by Tessa Bailey

4 Star · ARC Review · Engrossing · Mystery · Police Officer · Strong Heroine · Suspense · Thrilling

Blind Date by Bella Jewel

4 Stars Hartley Watson, who lost her husband four years ago, is roped into getting back in the dating game by her best friend who sets her up on some blind dates. She decides to humor her and try to get back out there to meet people. But someone has had their eye on Hartley…… Continue reading Blind Date by Bella Jewel