4 Star · Kindle Unlimited · New Beginnings · Opposites Attract · Royals · Tortured Hero · Young Adult

Privileged by Carrie Aarons

4 Stars When Nora Randolph moves to England with her mother the life they lead is completely changed. Being the daughter of the fianc√© to a British Royal prince has its perks, but for someone not used to the spotlight, it’s a lot to adjust to… Asher Frederick plans revenge for his family and Nora… Continue reading Privileged by Carrie Aarons

4 Star · Contemporary · New Beginnings · Series · Strong Heroine · Sweet

Every Little Kiss (Sequoia Lake #2) by Marina Adair

4 Stars Liv Preston has slowly been rebuilding her and her young sons life since the tragic loss of her husband. Living in Sequoia Lake, where her husband grew up is just one way to give her son a part of his father, and she is finding her place in the community as well… Ford… Continue reading Every Little Kiss (Sequoia Lake #2) by Marina Adair

4 Star · Contemporary · Kindle Unlimited · New Beginnings · Series · Tortured Hero · Unrequited Love

Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3) by Piper Rayne

4 Stars Charlotte Rose has been infatuated with Garrett Shaw since she a teenager, and just the younger sister of his best friend. Although he has always kept her at arms length, her crush is not going anywhere. Garrett Shaw is a single Dad to a preteen girl. Having spent the years since his young… Continue reading Sexy Beast (Single Dads Club #3) by Piper Rayne

5 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Lost Love · New Beginnings · Rock Star · Second Chance · Series · Sweet · Tear Jerker

Steal (Seaside Pictures #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

5 Stars Angelica Greene is working hard at digging herself out of rock bottom. Recently completing rehab, she is taking a leap at restarting her career. Now starring in a film, based on what actually happened in her own life… and playing the role of the villain that she was. Will Sutherland, former lead singer… Continue reading Steal (Seaside Pictures #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

4 Star · Lost Love · New Beginnings · Second Chance · Tear Jerker

Lost Love (Cowboys & Angels #1) by Kelly Elliott

4 Stars Steed Parker is returning home after being away for the past decade. He is finally able to give his daughter the kid of childhood he experienced on his family’s ranch, with his parents and siblings by his side, and he is beyond relieved to be home. Paxton Monroe was once the love of… Continue reading Lost Love (Cowboys & Angels #1) by Kelly Elliott

4 Star · Bad Boy · Contemporary · New Beginnings

My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes

4 Stars On the day Aidan moves into his new apartment, he meets his roommate’s girlfriend, ¬†Aster. He can’t stop thinking about her and decides one way or another he will get what he wants, and he wants Aster. But things are not always what they seem, and although his goal in the beginning was… Continue reading My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes