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Crowned by Hate (Crowned #1) by Amo Jones

4.5 Stars Isa Johnson loathes all things proper… and being the daughter of the President of the United States, she has to conform… a lot. Her Dad’s latest push is in the form of the cocky and utterly infuriating, Bryant Royal. Bryant Royal has big plans for Isa… and he has just the thing to get…… Continue reading Crowned by Hate (Crowned #1) by Amo Jones

5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Love/Hate · Opposites Attract · Sexy · Witty · Workplace

Most Eligible Bastard by Annika Martin

 5 Stars Vicky Nelson never claimed she was really a dog whisperer, but when a wealthy woman won’t take no for an answer, she humors her… harmlessly. But being a companion for a dying woman lands Vicky in a position she never wanted to be in… and the focus of the rich and ruthless. Henry…… Continue reading Most Eligible Bastard by Annika Martin

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Second Chance · Series · Sexy · Workplace

Field-Tripped (Ad Agency #3) by Nicole Archer

4.5 Stars To keep his job Elliott St. James is required to attend a retreat in the last state he ever wanted to set foot in again. But running from his past has finally caught up to him, in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Charlie Sullivan. When Charlie was going through the worst time in…… Continue reading Field-Tripped (Ad Agency #3) by Nicole Archer

5 Star · Alpha · ARC Review · Dirty Fun · Hot Sex · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Opposites Attract · Tortured Hero · Unrequited Love

Tap Left by A. Zavarelli

 5 Stars Lola Bell is tired of meaningless relationships, when she finally calls it quits on her latest one she decides it’s time to take a different approach to dating. With the help of some of the latest apps, she is ready to venture out into the world of online dating… until the man she…… Continue reading Tap Left by A. Zavarelli

5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Dirty Fun · Funny · Hot Sex · Love/Hate · Workplace

Mister McHottie by Pippa Grant

 5 Stars Ambrosia May Berger loves her job at the organic grocery store she has help to become a success. Her co-workers are like family, her life is amazing, and she loves living in NYC, far away from her hometown and the disgrace she left it in… Chase Jett is a self-made billionaire, who happens…… Continue reading Mister McHottie by Pippa Grant

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Funny · Love/Hate · Sexual Tension · Sexy

Nailed It by Cindi Madsen

4.5 Stars Ivy Clarke doesn’t believe in love… or long term relationships. So when she decides to renovate a house, and one of her flings shows up to help, she should be running for the hills. Except Jackson Gamble is her best friends brother… and he happens to know how to push every single one…… Continue reading Nailed It by Cindi Madsen

4 Star · ARC Review · Contemporary · Kindle Unlimited · Love/Hate · Sexual Tension

Bad Reputation by Callie Blake

4 Stars Peyton Greene lives her life as an assistant to her socialite cousin. While her babysitting duties put her in the proximity of the New York glamorous and elite, Peyton has no desire to be a part of their ranks. Upon meeting screenwriter Connor Schaffer, Peyton lets his reputation do the talking… and she doesn’t…… Continue reading Bad Reputation by Callie Blake