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Speed (44 Chapters Spin-Off #2) by BB Easton

5 Stars BB Bradley has been left as a shell of her former self, after the (psycho) love of her life pushed her away and joined the military. The only bright spot in her bleak existence is turning 16 and finally getting a car. Harley James is one sexy mechanic who BB is immediately drawn…… Continue reading Speed (44 Chapters Spin-Off #2) by BB Easton

4.5 Star · ARC Review · Lost Love · New Beginnings · Second Chance · Sweet

When We Touch by Tia Louise

4.5 Stars When Jackson Lockwood comes to a crossroads in his career, he decides to return to the one place that he ever really felt was home. He knows things have changed there, and the one person who made it feel like home won’t be there to welcome him with open arms… Emberly Warren is…… Continue reading When We Touch by Tia Louise

5 Star · ARC Review · Engrossing · Kindle Unlimited · Lost Love · Recommended Read · Second Chance · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Muscle Memory by Stylo Fantôme

5 Stars “In Love We Trust” Jon wakes up in the hospital with no memory of his past or who he is. Having to rebuild his life from scratch, he tries to piece together his identity, but the man he once was may have had a destructive and unstable life that Jon has no desire…… Continue reading Muscle Memory by Stylo Fantôme

4 Star · Lost Love · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Suspense · Tortured Hero

Elusive by (Shipwreck #1) L.A. Fiore

4 Stars Kace has made his way through life by taking care of himself. From a young age he did what he needed to do to survive. Willow has led a lonely, but happy life. Being cared for physically, but left alone much of the time, she has nonetheless grown into an open and caring…… Continue reading Elusive by (Shipwreck #1) L.A. Fiore

Contemporary · Lost Love · Second Chance

All I Ever Wanted (The Heartthrob Series #1) by LuAnn McLane

3 Stars Grady Heart, once the lead singer of the hot boy band Heartbeat, is working with his brothers to put together a benefit concert in their late mothers honor. While the choreography is a mess, he absolutely refuses the idea of hiring their old choreographer… and the one who got away… Arabella York has…… Continue reading All I Ever Wanted (The Heartthrob Series #1) by LuAnn McLane

4 Star · Funny · Lost Love · Second Chance · Series · Sexy · Sweet

Kiss My Boots (Coming Home #2) by Harper Sloan

4 Stars Quinn Davis has never gotten over her first love. So when she hears a familiar name is moving back to town she is fully prepared to hate him and the pain he put her through when he left her… but something about Tate has her quickly realizing he will always be the one…… Continue reading Kiss My Boots (Coming Home #2) by Harper Sloan

5 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Lost Love · New Beginnings · Rock Star · Second Chance · Series · Sweet · Tear Jerker

Steal (Seaside Pictures #3) by Rachel Van Dyken

5 Stars Angelica Greene is working hard at digging herself out of rock bottom. Recently completing rehab, she is taking a leap at restarting her career. Now starring in a film, based on what actually happened in her own life… and playing the role of the villain that she was. Will Sutherland, former lead singer…… Continue reading Steal (Seaside Pictures #3) by Rachel Van Dyken