4 Star · Contemporary · Lost Love · Sports · Strong Heroine

Backhand (Gold Hockey #2) by Elise Faber

4 Stars Sara Jetty was once a champion figure skater, until the scandal that ripped apart her entire career and in the process everyone she had thought loved and supported her. After successfully rebuilding her life and finding contentment in her art, she is not prepared for a blast from the past to show up… Mike… Continue reading Backhand (Gold Hockey #2) by Elise Faber

4 Star · Contemporary · Engrossing · Lost Love

The Boy Next Door (Off-Limits Romance, #2) by Ella James

4 Stars Amelia Frank’s life is uprooted when she is just a young girl. When her father first brings them to their new home, she is saved by her new neighbor, Dash Frasier. Growing up, she and her next door neighbors are great friends… until things start to inexplicably change.. Years later, Amelia has moved on… Continue reading The Boy Next Door (Off-Limits Romance, #2) by Ella James

5 Star · Contemporary · Funny · Hot Sex · Lost Love · New Beginnings · Strong Heroine

Boomerangers by Heather M. Orgeron

5 Stars Spencer LeBlanc is a single mother who has worked hard to provide a nice life for her sons despite their deadbeat Dads. After losing her job, she decides to move home to her mothers house to start over. Cooper Hebert, her high school sweetheart, and the one who broke her heart, has recently… Continue reading Boomerangers by Heather M. Orgeron

5 Star · Alpha · Lost Love · Love/Hate · Recommended Read · Series · Sexual Tension · Sexy · Strong Heroine · Sweet

Lost Rider (Coming Home #1) by Harper Sloan

5 Stars ‘Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to find your way again…’ When Maverick Davis returns to Pine Oak, Texas from his recently ended career on the rodeo circuit, he realizes that how he left town with Leighton James hating him was the biggest mistake of his life. Leighton hasn’t had an easy decade while Maverick was… Continue reading Lost Rider (Coming Home #1) by Harper Sloan

4 Star · Alpha · Dark · Lost Love · Series · Sexy · Strong Heroine

Anarchy Missing (SuperAlpha #2) by J.A. Huss

4 Stars Lulu Lightly, new Assistant DA in Cathedral City has moved home after leaving abruptly during High School. She believes in law, order and justice and left her last job due to the corruption she was facing. Cathedral City feels like home, and the one thing she missed most about it was Case Reider.… Continue reading Anarchy Missing (SuperAlpha #2) by J.A. Huss