4.5 Star · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Kindle Unlimited · Second Chance · Sweet · Unrequited Love

I Do(n’t) by Leddy Harper

4.5 Stars Janelle Brewer had the biggest crush on her brother’s best friend, Holden. But one drunken night in Vegas irrevocably changed their relationship… after 5 years and one big surprise later, she must confront her ex-friend with some very important information he neglected to tell her… Holden York once thought Janelle was his everything,… Continue reading I Do(n’t) by Leddy Harper

5 Star · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Funny · Sexy · Sweet

Blue Balls by RC Boldt

5 Stars Ever since Sarah’s best friend Maggie has been dating Jack’s best friend Ry… Sarah and Jack have had some serious sexual tension and a mutual attraction that just will not go away. Being two extremely busy people and not wanting to complicate their friendships they have steered clear of each other… until they… Continue reading Blue Balls by RC Boldt

4.5 Star · Contemporary · Friends to Lovers · Funny · Sweet

Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon

4.5 Stars Jacqueline¬†Butler has taken to ogling a sexy runner every morning from her office window. Her BFF and co-worker convinces her she to do more than stare longingly everyday, and ask the jogger out… with the help of his coaching… of course. Vince Carson is finally in a good place after his divorce, thanks… Continue reading Eye Candy by Jessica Lemmon

5 Star · Friends to Lovers · Opposites Attract · Sexual Tension · Young Adult

Trust by Kylie Scott

5 Stars When Edie Millen is a victim in a convenience store robbery, her life is irrevocably changed. No one can understand what she went through and how hard some things are to deal with in the aftermath… unless the person is someone who also experienced it all.. John Cole has led a life he… Continue reading Trust by Kylie Scott

Duet · Friends to Lovers · Series · Sexy

Checkmate: This Is Dangerous (Logan & Kayla #1) by Kennedy Fox

3.5 Stars Kayla Sinclair has this intense attraction to Logan Knight, and while she knows he is attracted to her as well, he is constantly warning her that they will never be. Logan Knight wishes to steer clear of Kayla, his life is just too messy for him to ever be what she needs. But,… Continue reading Checkmate: This Is Dangerous (Logan & Kayla #1) by Kennedy Fox

4 Star · Friends to Lovers · Military · Novella · Series · Suspense

Honor (Bad Boy Homecoming #4) by Kennedy Layne

¬†4 Stars Derek Spencer has taken temporary leave from the military to return home to Catfish Creek when his father falls ill. Through the maneuvering from his mother, he is persuaded to not only attend his 10 year Hugh school reunion, but to take an old friend as his date. Tessa Daniels is a busy… Continue reading Honor (Bad Boy Homecoming #4) by Kennedy Layne

Friends to Lovers · Series · Sweet

Martinis & Moonlight (Country Road #3) by Andrea Johnston

3.5 Stars In the aftermath of a family tragedy, Minnesota Walker changes her life completely to take care of her two young nieces. Starting over in a new town, she gets a job working for a local construction company. Owen Butler has a run in with Minnie and he can’t get her out of his… Continue reading Martinis & Moonlight (Country Road #3) by Andrea Johnston